Migration Guide

Docker Flow Monitor (DFM) now supports Prometheus 2! Prometheus 2 includes a new storage subsystem that has reduce CPU usage and lower disk space usage compared to Prometheus 1. This guide highlights issues that you may encounter when upgrading to Prometheus 2.


When upgrading from DFM backed by Prometheus 1 to Prometheus 2, DFM will create a new database supported by Prometheus 2. If you need to access the previous data scraped by Prometheus 1, downgrade your DFM instance using tag: 17.12.12-36. DFM will launch with Prometheus 1, and continue using the previous database.

Backwards Compatibility

The command line arguments for Prometheus 2 has changed. This is detailed in Prometheus's Official Migration Guide. DFM will continue to support the previous command line arguments prefixed by ARG_:

  1. Setting ARG_ALERTMANAGER_URL configures the alertmanager correctly for Prometheus 2.
  2. ARG_STORAGE_LOCAL_PATH maps to --storage.tsdb.path.
  3. ARG_STORAGE_LOCAL_RETENTION maps to --storage.tsdb.retention.
  4. ARG_QUERY_STALENESS-DELTA maps to --query.lookback-delta.
  5. Setting ARG_ENABLE-REMOTE-SHUTDOWN=true sets flag --web.enable-lifecycle

You can explore the new flags in Prometheus 2 by downloading the binary from their Download Page and running ./prometheus -h.